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New Trends Of
Digital Marketing

If you’re a digital marketer, then you must have an idea of digital marketing trends. If you are
new to it then Covid must have told you the importance of doing business in the
digital marketing era.

But that’s okay. Don’t Disappoint. You are not too late to enter the
digital marketing world!


Augmented reality has
changed the user’s experience. It gives the real user experience through the
virtual application.

Confused! How does it

Well, have you ever
used “Virtual Makeup Try-On By Maybelline”?

If no then what are
you waiting for?

There are many peoples
out there who want to purchase the right makeup that suits to their skin tone
but has no idea what to add in cart. That’s Why you can try the products like
foundation, lipstick, Eyebrowshade etc. by going to live/selfie mode on
“Virtual Makeup Try-On” and choose the product accordingly.

In the same way,
there’s another augmented reality app on the market named IKEA. Where users can
test the IKEA products in real-time.

Hyperlocal SEO

This algorithm google
has launched focuses on Personalization. It is one of the most recent trends of
digital marketing in 2021. It includes NAP (Name, Address and Phone number).
Hyperlocal Seo can be such a powerful algorithm business owners use to get customers.

Do you ask these types
of queries to google search engine?

Hey Google, any ice cream cafe in
my area?

Hey Google, Could you please find
a software house near my area?

Hey Google, Is there any good
salon in my area?

Hyperlocal SEO is such
a basic but important algorithm that needs to be implemented by Google my
Business account. Where you have to provide your business name, details,
contact number and timings, etc.

Youtube Shorts

You just need 15 secs
to grab the attention of viewers. Wondering how? Well, youtube shorts have won
the hearts of people. You can upload the 15 secs or less video on youtube
shorts and easily share your message with the world. It works like Instagram
reels. International Ads

Digital marketing has
made lives easier for start-ups/businesses.

Therefore, anyone can
target not only their local customers but also increase the audience by
targeting the international ones. It is one of the hottest trends in digital
marketing that allows you to run international ads at a cheaper cost from your
own country.


Last but not least.
Artificial Intelligence is playing a huge role in our life. The Change of
Artificial Intelligence has already begun in our life. You must have seen and
interacted with the AI Chatbox that mostly pop-up on the screens of websites,
Facebook to ask you if you have any queries.

Their main purpose is
to solve your queries in less time and keep consumers engaged for a longer
period. Through using the artificial intelligence tool is something that not
only saves your cost but also your time.

As a result, these are
the few modern trends of digital marketing that we want to share with you.

Hence, To be
competitive in the market. You need to keep yourself updated with the trends of
Digital Marketing.